AC Milan have found themselves in a little bit of a kerfuffle or “problema” now, given the fact that their hopes for Champions League qualification are hanging by a thread. No, Robinho, listening to the new Drake album on repeat will not help the ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ situation.

Lucky for Milan, even though Mario Balotelli faced the wrath of the Curva Sud last weekend for missing a penalty which saw the Rossoneri dropping to 13th spot on the table, they have the ever serene Kaka within their ranks. Also, he was so happy to be giving interviews at Celtic Park in Glasgow evening yesterday… the press are always thankful for players like these!

“At this moment, the atmosphere is a little bit tense, but this tension is not bad sometimes. Sometimes you can use this tension and this pressure for a good reason and it could be a bit motivation for us. We are always under pressure at Milan. We are seven matches now without a win and the pressure to end that bad run certainly gets more and more.” – Kaka

There are increasing concerns that Massimo Allegri is set to lose his job if Milan do not beat Celtic tonight to qualify for the knockout stages, although the coach himself denied the allegations.

The coach said : “Not at all. Playing against Celtic will be very difficult. Maybe even a win for us won’t be enough depending on what happens in the other match.”