FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, has acknowledged Brazil’s failure to be ready for the World Cup in time, despite having had seven years to prepare. Actually, nobody sent FIFA the memo about the Brazilian style of doing things – “Always late, but worth the wait!” Really now, it’s best to just calm down.

“Brazil has come to realise that they started too late. They are the country who are the most delayed (in terms of World Cup organisation) since I have been at FIFA. Yet they are the only country who have had such a long time – seven years – to prepare.” – Blatter

Stadium construction delays, spiralling costs and civil discontent which has led to anger and anti-World Cup protests on the streets, has plagued the country where football is considered a religion. Still, Blatter hopes nobody will be taking to the streets in June, which is a little tragic.

“I am an optimist, not a pessimist. Football will be protected. I believe that Brazilians will not attack football directly. This is the sport’s home, it’s a religion. But we know there will be new demonstrations, protests. Last year, they were born of social networks. There was no goal, but at the World Cup they will be more directed, more structured.” – Blatter