There’s a story about Spain’s Euro 2008-winning coach, Luis Aragones, that has become the stuff of legends, if you believe in Spanish folklore. It’s about the half-time of the Euro 2008 final, when Spain were still drawing 0-0 against Germany.

The story goes that Aragones went up to Torres in the dressing room, did the sign of the cross on him, slapped his shoulders and said : “Fernando Torres, you are going to score two goals in the second half.”

No, it’s not a joke – it actually happened – and of course, history was made when Torres netted in the winning goal of Euro 2008. He was short of one goal, but still, that’s a gladiator moment worth remembering!

Despite being a generally controversial character, Aragones’ passing last Saturday definitely left his mark on players and prominent characters of Spanish football. Said Juan Mata:†”He gave birth to the best Spanish football in history. Very sad news. He will always be remembered.”