Jose Mourinho has his way with words, just as he has reporters hanging onto his charm jacket at every press conference where he churns out colourful quotes.

And after Chelsea’s 1-0 counter-attacking victory over Man City last night, Mourinho claimed that the Blues’ inspiration actually came from the squad’s masseur, Billy McCulloch, who was responsible for the pre-match team talk.

“I didn’t speak. It was Billy the masseur that spoke to the team. He was screaming so much in Scottish I didn’t understand really. I didn’t understand, but the players were clapping,”†– Mourinho.

That’s fair enough, but you can imagine the foreign players just clapping along (i.e. Ramires) because it sounded hilarious. There was probably a bit of a joke thrown in about Man City (there are plenty) because who doesn’t love a good gladiator-type speech laced with sarcastic jokes? At least we know now that goal-scorer Ivanovic was the most inspired player of them all.

Meanwhile, when asked if Chelsea were in the three-horse race for the Premiership, Mourinho compared his team to “little horse, that still needs milk and to learn how to jump. A horse that next season can race.”

One thing’s for sure, nobody will be asking Mourinho about horses again!