In this week’s Offbeat (Footie Gossip) column, Neymar and Bruna end their relationship,Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers reportedly leaves his wife for an ex-Liverpool employee and Maradona confirms he will be having a sixth child.


Dating one of the world’s top football players poses its fair share of challenges, especially if it’s a long-distance relationship. Sadly, one of our favourite futbol couples – Neymar and Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine – have called it quits after one year. They were so perfect for each other, muito triste (how sad!) so this has come as a surprise to many followers of the couple.

Marquezine’s representatives confirmed the news to Brazilian media outlets yesterday and according to friends of the couple, jealousy and distance were the primary reasons for the breakup.

Neymar and Bruna also decided to call time on their relationship after a cell group meeting they attended in Rio de Janeiro on December 28 year, where the speaker spoke about the “importance of love and staying together.” After the meeting, both Bruna and Neymar met alone and spoke at length about their situation.


Bruna had also wanted the Brazilian striker to commit to her and reportedly felt insecure about all the female attention he was receiving abroad. And it’s completely normal for a girl to feel that way, except you can multiply that effect to one hundred in Neymar’s case!

“Whenever Neymar is away, Bruna is frequently crying. Bruna wants him to be a committed guy, but he is still young, isn’t he? Every photo in which he appears with another woman will lead to another fight” – close friend of Bruna and Neymar.

The source also went on to explain that the distance between them had ultimately taken its toll, as he was busy at Barcelona and she was in Brazil working on her new television shows and film projects.

And given the fact that Neymar has a lot on his plate at the moment, not to mention the expectations of the entire nation on his shoulders for the World Cup, his focus has been solely on football and work.

“They were not 100 % right (for each other). He had been wanting to end it for a long time because she was disturbed (about the situation). Neymar and Bruna met in late January, when she went to Europe. He loves her, but they were already in crisis for a while.”

Bruna, who deleted all photos of her with the striker on her Instagram feed a few days ago, was also quick to delete the message she dedicated to Neymar on February 5, his birthday. It previously read : “I really wanted to be there with you physically filling with you my kisses , but my heart is there ! Enjoy your day!”


After his side’s 5-1 thrashing of Arsenal over the weekend, the spotlight has shifted to Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers’ personal life instead.

The 41-year-old has been said to have moved into a 1.2 million bachelor pad after leaving his wife, Susan, whom he has two children with.

According to The Daily Mail, he is now reportedly also seeing a 31-year-old former employee of Liverpool FC who has been seen at his new bachelor pad.

Rodgers met his wife when he was a young player at Reading Football Club and the couple have two children, Oldham Athletic footballer Anton, 20, and daughter Mischa,17. Anton, who also has a young son himself, was “cleared of sexual assault and voyeurism against a teenage girl” last year. He was one out of four Brighton and Hove Albion players who were found not guilty following two trials at the Old Bailey.

Interestingly, the newspaper notes that Brendan Rodgers has undergone an “image makeover” lately to match the glamour of his job, which includes teeth whitening and weight loss regiments, while enjoying frequent workout sessions at Melwood training ground.


There is a big firestorm of ‘telenovela’ (soap opera) proportions in Argentina after news emerged that Maradona’s ex-girlfriend, Veronica Ojeda, 35, has confirmed that she is expecting the football legend’s sixth child (and their second together).

However, there’s a twist : Maradona, 53, is due to marry his current girlfriend, Roco Oliva, 24 (seen above), in a ceremony in Rome on Friday, Valentine’s Day.

So how on earth did Ojeda get pregnant, unless she had been seeing Maradona being Rocio’s back, after calling it quits early last year? The logistics of it doesn’t really make sense, but let’s not forget that the Argentineans love their soap operas.


According to Clarin, Ojeda (seen above in happier times) had walked to Maradona’s home in Dubai to tell him the news in front of Rocio, and so she could see her fifth child. Dramatic!

“My dad did not deny the pregnancy, but he said that the child is not his. I’d love to help and answer the truth, but I don’t know whether it’s true (or not),” said Giannina, Maradona’s daughter and ex-wife of Kun Aguero.

However, Veronica was not allowed into the home to see or tell Maradona the news.

But according to reports, Ojeda had arrived from Dubai to a swarm of reporters yesterday where she yelled “Yes, I’m pregnant!” and when asked if the child belonged to the Argentinean great, she said : “Yes, of course.”

A story that is spinning out of control, it seems…

Photos : EFE, Clarin, Instagram (Neymar), El Mundo Deportivo