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You can definitely count on the selecao brasileira, when it comes to delivering heartwarming moments.

A young fan in Soweto invaded the pitch after Brazil’s 5-0 win over South Africa last night but instead of tackling him to the ground, the players carried him up and cheered him on. In short, the adorable boy got just what he asked for!

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Later, he posed for photos with Neymar before being hoisted up by the other players in a really sweet display of affection.

Chelsea’s David Luiz, in particular, looked excited to meet the boy, who was given special treatment by the team. Did someone say security team? When it comes to the Brazilian warmth, who needs security?!!


Meanwhile, the King of FIFA 14, Neymar,†challenged the rest of his Brazil teammates to a face off in the popular game. The Barcelona striker proudly listed down the results above after† 12 games which included wins for Oscar, Fred, Neymar and Toronto FC keeper Julio Cesar.
After beating Fred 1-0, he went on to declare himself “champion”, which is quite apt for a 22-year-old who is already obsessed about FIFA 14 as it is!

David Luiz also posted a video showing the team making fun of Hulk for being the ‘worst player of the game’. Poor, Hulk.