AC Milan and Atletico Madrid are set to play for a spot in the Champions League quarter-finals, and the focus is on Mario Balotelli’s return. Atletico Madrid will also need to maintain their 1-0 lead from the first leg, coming into tonight’s game at the San Siro.

Despite Balotelli’s return to first team action, Atletico coach Diego Simeone thinks that it won’t be much of a difference unless they stop play from the source itself.

“Their team is stocked with talent, and Balotelli is one of their biggest threats. But not their only one. Our worry will be about shutting down their play from the point where it begins, so it doesn’t reach him,” – Diego Simeone

Ironically, Atletico has not reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League since 1997, when Simeone played for the club.

And one of their key players, Diego Costa, will also be closely watched by Milan’s defenders. “Diego Costa is a fantastic player but Atletico plays as a team, that is their strength,” said Clarence Seedorf.


Meanwhile, here’s a candid of Pep Guardiola and Tomas Mueller at Bayern’s training yesterday. Of course, they are due to play Arsenal tonight, with the visitors hoping of a fair chance to make it through.

Come back from a 2-0 defeat? Look the statistics are against us but we have won 5-1 at Inter Milan and I would say we have won everywhere in Europe. If we lead 1-0, for example, it makes the game or result absolutely possible. That is what we will of course try to do. We scored two goals in the last five minutes against Everton so we dont have to be nervous. We can be patient. Just have to focus on the quality of our game. – Wenger