It certainly takes a trueBaiano (Brazilian from Salvador) like Dani Alves to pull this off with as much swagger as possible…. duh!

By now, you may have heard of the Barcelona defender’s response to racist fans during last night’s 3-2 win over Villarreal, which was one of the most emotional displays by the Catalan side following former coach Tito Vilanova’s death on Friday. When pelted with bananas before taking a corner, the Brazilian bent down to pick one up before biting from it. The clip has been viewed over 1.6 million times… that’s right, show em’ how it’s done!


Firstly, Villarreal happens to be one of the most loveliest fan-friendly sides in Spanish football, so the idea of such an unspeakable act from a fan surely does not represent the club’s culture as a whole.


Secondly, Neymar’s response to the racism act- “We are all monkeys” – with his son on Instagram, is quite brilliant although the entire incident was poorly timed, given the fact that full attention and respect should’ve been on Vilanova’s passing.

It’s a pity that tasteless racism still remains an issue especially within the Spanish League.


Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid are on their way to winning the La Liga title after a 1-0 win over Valencia yesterday afternoon. All they need is two more wins, and it’s theirs to keep and parade! Really now, who needs Falcao?

The Rojiblancos, who are league leaders, have amassed 88 points in total and, with just three games remaining, can wrap up their first title since 1996 before the final match at Barcelona on 18 May. However, they must win their next two games. What a way to end the season!