Atletico Madrid celebrated their first La Liga title in 18 years on an open-top bus parade without a trophy yesterday afternoon, but they refused to let it dampen their spirits.

The head of the Spanish FA, Angel Maria Villar was suspiciously ‘away’ on travel and was unable to present the squad with the prize. Couldn’t someone have taken Villar’s place instead? After all, the headquarters of Spain’s FA is located within Madrid, and it would have been a simple act of courtesy to present the winners with the trophy, no?

As a result of this mishap, Atletico’s official trophy presentation will be delayed until the start of next season. Trophy or no trophy, they are still the new Spanish champions, so roll along with it, Atleti fans!

It’s worth noting that the capitalís Ďsecond clubí are the first side in 10 years to break up the total domination of Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Spanish league.