Real Madrid celebrated their 10th Champions League title in style yesterday and Monday, a celebration that can be best compared to the Vienna Ball and a Rolling Stones concert rolled into one. It was their elusive tenth title after all, so can you really blame them?

There was an open-top bus tour through Madrid before as 50,000 fans descended on the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and a spectacular laser show which was followed up by a huge party where players sang and danced in front of their fans.

This moment will probably go down in history as one of the most powerful, especially as it took twelve years to settle all accounts (Zidane’s volley, anyone?) If you’re looking to repeat the moment, you can always get Real Madrid tickets for next season.

Said Gareth Bale, who was a clear game-changer on Saturday’s 4-1 victory over Atletico : “When you’re a little boy you dream of lifting the Champions League, and to lift the 10th one for Real Madrid is special. It’s one that will go down in history. We always were praying that we’d get a goal, and it was obviously great that we did. We left it late, but it made it that extra bit more special.”