As the Brazilian national team prepares for the World Cup, here are glimpses of their training and recreational days in our traditional Selecao Bootcamp!


Why so serious David Luiz?

PSG’s latest import and the squad’s resident clown posed for Brazil’s official portrait yesterday without breaking out into goofy laughter, which is something we’ve all been accustomed to!

Jokes aside, the ‘selecao’ also underwent some mental conditioning, courtesy of author and businessman, Carlos Julio, who gave a lecture on behavior, posture and major challenges that will face the players and coaching staff of the Brazilian national team before the World Cup.

Probably a Deepak Chopra (motivational speaker) of Brazil, Carlos Julio talked about the process of making decisions and the importance of having a group united and committed to achieving results.

The lecture took place over two hours, with players reportedly giving their full attention and not taking their eyes off the screen. They also participated in a question-answer session, and Julio later admitted that it was his “most difficult presentation” ever. Of course it is, especially for somebody whose task is to inspire Brazil three days before their World Cup opener!

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