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August 5, 2014

Man United Downs Liverpool 3-1 For Preseason Trophy, Wayne Rooney Is MOTM


Preseason activities can be strangely awkward affairs – clubs playing one another for a pointless trophy (seriously now, what exactly is the ‘International Champions Cup’?), exhausted players in need of an ego boost, breathless commentators plugging the sponsors and finally, the chance for fans to meet their jaded World Cup heroes.

Only the last bit is worth it, because preseasons for clubs would be absolute nada… Zilch without their awesome fans. Apart from the club’s commercial director, every single person in the team prefers an extra week off basking along the beaches of Mexico. And maybe ten more days of fist-pumping in Ibiza, in the case of Sergio Ramos.

With that said, Manchester United defeated Liverpool 3-1 in the Guinness International Champions Cup final at the Sun Life Stadium last night. Wayne Rooney collected the prize and looked about as interested as Victoria Beckham at the prospect of a Spice Girls reunion. He was also declared the “Player of the Tournament”, after adding to the goal-scoring list which earlier included Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard.

Actually, we’ll echo Louis van Gaal here and say Rooney deserves it… oh yes he does! Remember what he did in Brazil for England? What was it again?


Man United also defeated Real Madrid in Michigan previously, as well as Inter and Roma, which obviously means they will now win the Champions League, according to their fans. Good for them, and a great run-out for them for Premiership – here’s hoping to a nice start to the Premiership on August 16!


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