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April 28, 2015

Women’s World Cup: England’s Toni Duggan On Man City’s Set-Up & Getting Yelled At By Dads

Man City forward Toni Duggan is one of our favourite futbolitas because she’s got a great spirit around her.. and of course, because she just loves football! (forget that selfie incident with Louis van Gaal – United don’t even have a women’s team!)

In the latest Road To Canada video for the Women’s World Cup, the England national opened up about the hurdles she faced in her journey from a young girl in Liverpool to international football star. Even coming from such a great footballing city, Duggan didn’t have the easiest path to the professional game facing prejudice and stereotyping from a young age.

“When I was a little girl, people’s Dads would be shouting and would be upset if I took on their son. As I got older the opponents did respect me but, when they turned up on a Saturday morning and there’s just one girl playing against a group of lads, it was a shock for them.” – Duggan


Duggan, 23, also admitted that she signed for Man City to be part of a professional set-up, where everyone believed in the future of women’s football.

“When I signed for Manchester City, their main aim as a football club was to change the perception of women’s football. For us being around the Academy, being around the men’s team, if we turn up one day and we don’t look as professional or as good as them, it’s noticeable straight away.”
“Every single day we’re challenged, so in a way it makes us become better as people and better as
professionals. We’re always fighting against the perception but it’s slowly changing. It will change, I
believe that, but we need to keep working hard at it.” – Toni Duggan
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