In the fourth and final video for Continental’s Women’s World Cup #RoadtoCanada campaign, England and Birmingham City’s Karney Carney speaks about how she nearly gave up on football before it came back to her. And interestingly, she was on her way to forging a career as a dancer before she realized she was meant to be playing the beautiful game. Amazing!

From the start I had the passion for it. I was dancing at the time but dancing never really had my heart, football did. I lived for football. – Carney

The winger spoke about how important it was to go back to basics in football, no matter what level you get at professionally. “You have to strip it back; do what you do to have fun, to enjoy it and be passionate about it. Its easy to forget why you play. Youve just got to strip it back, do what you did as a kid and enjoy it.”


Having had her talent discovered at such a young age, the people around Carney, 27 at that time became very influential. One such individual, that she refers to as an idol and friend, is retired professional Marcus Bignot.

Marcus was a pro and QPRs captain when I first met him, he was my coach from 11. I had unbelievably great parents but he was my football father, I idolised him. Hes still my mentor now. He is football,” she admitted.

Even from that time, I 100% knew Id play for England, there was no doubt I wouldnt. I got upset at one tournament because there was an England scout there and I thought they didnt write my name down, I was only about 12 but I knew Id make it. It sounds a bit arrogant but I always had the self-belief. I ended up getting picked for England U17s when I was 13.