Crystal Palace v Leicester City - Premier League

Crystal Palace: Eagles will always come back


If one thinks about the English football club with the longest run, Crystal Palace will almost surely come to mind. Their 100 years worth of history are surely filled up with ups and downs, but they have always managed to come through their hardships and, just like a phoenix, although it could well be an eagle like their beautiful mascot (Kayla), rise again from their ashes. That is why Crystal Palace tickets are forever in high demand, since it is always nice to watch good, old football.

Founded in 1905 by the owners of the FA Cup Final stadium, who wanted their own team to play at the legendary venue named Crystal Palace (although since 1924 their local games are played at Selhurst Palace), this historic team has been promoted and relegated several times to different football divisions: one season they would be playing in the top league and the next they would have to content themselves with a lower one.

In fact, it is the only team ever relegated from the Premier League in spite of finishing 4th from bottom because at the time the Premiership was reduced from 22 teams down to the current standard of 20. Nonetheless, they never gave up and succeeded in promoting again up to four times, an amazing milestone supplemented by their record for winning promotion at four different locations.

As you can see, Crystal Palace F.C. is a team of warriors who know nothing about surrender and defeat, a mindset who has secured them a neat 10th position in the current season of the Premier League, a situation which may well improve as their nearest rivals are still close. So, who would dare to miss a single match played by this great football team with a bittersweet past but a much brighter future? We certainly wouldn’t.