There have been lots of extremely talented football players in the world of women’s football. We all remember how instrumental Brigit Prinz was for Germany or how Sun Wen dominated the pitch.

In this article we will look at the three greatest female football players of all time and believe it or not there was no place for the two outstanding players mentioned above. Why did we do this? Well, imagine that you had a choice between a UK Bet365 bonus and the bonus given by your local bookie. You would go for the first one, right? That’s the same thing we did here.

  1. Marta, Brazil

Just like Pele is the best male football player ever, Marta is the best female football player ever. Brazil has had the honour of giving to the world the two best players since football was invented, and it really shouldn’t be a surprise since the Brazilians absolutely live about football.

Marta is the only one of the players on this list who is still active as a player, which only means that there can be even more trophies in her cabinet. So far she has been the FIFA female world player of the year for 5 consecutive years between 2006 and 2010, she has won the Golden Ball and the Golden Boot at the 2007 World Cup and is also leading the competition’s goal scoring charts with 15 goals scored.

She is a terrific dribbler, tenacious worker for the team and can score goals for fun. Marta also possesses an excellent football vision and her passes almost always find their target.

  1. Mia Hamm, USA

Hamm retired from professional football in 2004, but her legacy still lives on, and she is the inspiration to all young players who had a chance to witness her in action. As a player she was really fast and pacey and could turn defenders virtually at will.

If they closed her down on the right she would go to the left, if they closed her on the outside she would go to the inside. Her skill made opposing defenders look like children who were out of their depth.

In addition to being a brilliant player, she also had the benefit of playing with the best USA squad in history, a squad that won many trophies and was feared by all opponents.

In her trophy cabinet Hamm boasts two FIFA women’s world player of the year awards and also has two World Cup trophies and two Olympic gold medals.

  1. Michelle Akers, USA

Akers played in two positions during her career and in both of them she impressed equally. She started out as a deadly striker who converted almost a goal a game. However, due to being diagnosed with chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome mid-career, she had to change her role and move to the more disciplined defensive midfielder position. Playing in midfield she won a World Cup and an Olympic gold medal and was voted as the best player of the 20th century.