Euro Futbolita 2012



Travelling to Poland/Ukraine for the EURO 2012 Championships? We want to hear from you!

The search for the Euro Futbolitas begins here! We are looking for passionate, feisty and sharp ‘Futbolitas ™’ or Female Football Voices  to represent their countries as part of Futbolita’s Euro 2012 coverage. After the worldwide success of the Futbolita™ World Cup two years ago, the Euro Futbolita returns with its upbeat ‘fiesta’-style coverage of the Euro Championships.



The Euro Futbolita will be the Female Voice of her team and cover their journey throughout Euro 2012. She will share photos, reports and reactions from her country in her own distinct style, introduce the world to her country’s cultures, be the fabulous female face of her national side and hang out in key spots, fan zones and in the thick of the action. And if her team does well, so will she!

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