Futbolita is hiring! Join our team


Futbolita is hiring! We are looking for awesome futbolitas and futbolitos to join us in our brand new office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Here’s who we’re looking for immediately – if you or anyone you know who fits the bill, e-mail your resume to or via our contact form. We will also on the lookout for talents of the future, so if you’re the next Mbappe of football + media, we’ve got you!

1. The Sassy Freestyler (Assistant) 

Ideally, you would be oozing with passion for football, and want to grow and learn. You have prior experience in an administrative role, and will ideally assist with day-to-day tasks including organising/arranging meetings, other administrative work, possess good oral and written communication skills, and you are also very detail-oriented.

You will also possess flexibility and adaptability, organisational skills and the ability to multitask, as well as the ability to be proactive and take the initiative. Discretion and trustworthiness is highly important: you will often be party of confidential information. You will be the star freestyler of Futbolita, in the front seat of football, so strap in for the ride!

2. The Cristiano of Cameramen (Videographer)

You will be filming/shooting football events, matches, and programmes, full time for Futbolita, and our partners. You will have full creative control of your shots – just like Cristiano – but also willing to take criticism, and initiative. You will be professional at all times when out on job for Futbolita, and in the studio for the shoots. You will be adept at improvising, creatively framing and capturing football content, and responding quickly to directions.

Prior experience for this role is required, as well as a showreel of your work. Do note that this role requires travel between locations and long and irregular working hours. Are you ready to be our MVP?

3. The Pirlo Touch (Creative Editor)

We are looking for an experienced and creative video editor to join our team. As a creative video editor , you would have the creative Pirlo touch, and will be responsible for capturing, editing, and producing videos for all our projects. Some experience of using video and editing equipment would be great. You would also be a creative thinker, possess good time-management skills and great interpersonal and communication skills.

You would also be proficient in Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects Knowledge and a good understanding of motion graphics is preferred. A sense of humour would be great, as the role is time-consuming and can be very stressful. Who said being team captain was gonna be easy?

Prior experience for this role is required, as well as a showreel of your work. 

Prerequisites for all jobs : Living in Malaysia (or Asia, but willing to relocate). Passionate about football.