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    POTD : Snow’s The Norm In Moscow For Champions League

    A man was seen removing the snow from the lines on the pitch during half time of the Champions League group D soccer match between CSKA Moscow and Bayern Munich in Moscow this evening...

    Champions League : Napoli, Borussia Dortmund Could Still Qualify Over First Placed Arsenal In Group Of Death

    Arsenal have a relatively easy task against Marseille in the Champions League tonight, given the fact that the French have lost of seven matches in all their competitions, including a 0-3 loss to Borussia...

    Champions League : Allegri Denies He Could Lose Job If Milan Fail To Beat Celtic, Robinho-Kaka Candids

    AC Milan have found themselves in a little bit of a kerfuffle or "problema" now, given the fact that their hopes for Champions League qualification are hanging by a thread. No, Robinho, listening to...

    LA LIGA LUNES: FIFA 14 Releases Barca’s Real Life Graphics For Next-Gen Consoles, Villarreal’s Surprise

    You'd better hope that the EA Sports designers are getting more than just a turkey sandwich from their bosses for their work on the FIFA 14 facial graphics because they did a superb job! Each...

    The Worst Fan Reaction From Tottenham’s 6-0 Loss To Man City – Plus Moyes’s Cardiff Pains

    Cardiff City earned themselves a well-deserved 2-2 draw against Man United last night, after creating a slew of chances that led to a goal from a set-piece. In the first half, their strikers were pressured...

    Women’s Champions League: Arsenal, Birmingham Ladies, Barcelona and Tyreso Through To Quarter Finals

    The Women's Champions League quarter-finals have been finalized after the official draw for the final eight was made last week. An all-England quarter-final awaits as Birmingham City and Arsenal face off and Barcelona and Wolfsburg...

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