Champions League

    A Serge of brilliance

    They say the stars sing your name when you score four Champions League goals in the same night. And that must ring true for Bayern Munich's man of the moment, Serge Gnabry. The 24-year-old former...

    Champions League Match Day 2 Preview

    After an action-packed first week, the UEFA Champions League returns this week with Match Day 2 having some key plots and intriguing sub-plots on the cards. Tottenham Hotspur and Bayern Munich meet for the...

    PSG coach Tuchel : “Don’t ask me about winning the Champions League”

    It's easy to say that fans would get a bit excited about PSG's prospects in the Champions League after their impressive 3-0 victory over Real Madrid on Wednesday. In their first Champions League game since...

    What Real Madrid need to do in the summer to reinvigorate the team

    After a stellar run of success in which his side won eight out of ten possible trophies during a two-year period, including back-to-back Champions League wins, Zinedine Zidane is facing his toughest challenge yet...

    Red Devils’ Progress On Hold After Basel Loss

    The Red Devils missed a chance to reach the Champions League knockout stages with a match to spare for the first time since 2014 after a late goal condemned them to a 1-0 defeat...

    Funny Video : Meet KF Shkëndija who play AC Milan in the Europa League

    Here is a hilarious video on KF Shkëndija... who have a bone to pick against AC Milan this Thursday! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zSyA6lYpUo   Follow the team on Facebook and their official website. These underdogs are already our favourite!

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