Brasil Diary

    Futbolita’s 12-Point Guide To Brazil : Foolproof Tips And Tricks For Fans Going To The World Cup

    Brazil can be both a fascinating and unpredictable place for any traveller heading there for the first time. Here is Futbolita's foolproof, fun and no-nonsense travel guide for football enthusiasts planning to travel there...

    Brasil Diary III: Surviving Salvador, Bahia, During The Brazil Police Strike

    *This article originally appeared on Yahoo! S.E.A, as part of the site's World Cup coverage. It is a blow-by-blow factual account of what transpired during the police strike in Bahia, Salvador, and our experiences...

    Brasil Diary : The Street Child World Cup, Memorials And Friendships Across 19 Nations

    One of the highlights of Brazil was experiencing the finals of the The Street Child World Cup at the Fluminense stadium in Rio de Janeiro! The tournament united 230 children from 19 countries - all...

    BRASIL DIARY PART 1 : The Story Of Rocinha Favela’s Female Football Team

    We were thrilled to meet the female futbolitas from Brazil's biggest 'favela' (or slum), Rocinha, during our first week in Rio de Janeiro. Although Brazil's favelas have a reputation for being dangerous and full...

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