Tuesday August 15 2017


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  • Miss`y
    2009-07-11 12:20

    Patoo is so handsomee…I love him…

  • Sanjay
    2009-08-03 04:27


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  • Martina Alcheva
    2009-08-07 12:43

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  • Raul de Madrid
    2009-08-15 03:21

    hola! soy affioniado de madrid y me gusto real madrid muchisimo! Si posible Ash, tenemos un seccion todos “La Liga”
    Muchas gracias, veo usted en Facebook !

  • ilhan Afghan
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  • Ash
    2009-08-30 09:44

    thanks for the comments! we hope to see that you’ll keep coming back! 🙂

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  • Jack Twister
    2009-10-15 14:33

    Supporting Ronaldo in World cup 2010


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  • Sameera
    2010-04-08 21:35


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  • Syahirah
    2010-04-20 19:51


    KEEP IT UP!! =D


  • Bham
    2010-05-08 07:43

    This is an absolutely “LEKKER” website. (South African phrase for awesome, amazing, fun, different, intresting and just outright kwel)

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  • Ayesha
    2010-05-18 05:59

    HOLLAAAA! I’m a chick from Malaysia and I AM SOO BLOODY HAPPY I managed to come across this website. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!
    I simply LOVE watching football, the guys, I love the whole thing (especially Nilmar from Brazil and Casillas from Spain). This has got to be in my bookmarks.

    Seriously, keep it going, post more pictures, keep us filled, and I’d love to help if you need it!



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  • pamela
    2010-06-13 06:31

    when are you going to announce the winners of the brazil’s jerseys? 🙁

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  • Nicole
    2010-08-31 23:17

    What’s the story with pato and sthefany? Anything new? 🙂

  • Irina
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  • Mary
    2010-11-03 17:16

    Hi Ash,

    Greetings from Brooklyn! I’m a new reader. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your site! I’m especially looking forward to your Spain travelogue in 2011!

    xx Mary

  • Jose
    2010-11-19 18:30

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  • skullometer
    2011-01-31 19:17

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