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adidas launches the L10NEL M35SI Pack which celebrates 35 years of greatness


On 21 February, adidas unveiled the L10NEL M35SI Pack, celebrating Lionel Messi’s legacy in football.

At 35 years old and fresh off having won his first World Cup, El Diez (Number 10)
continues to make history, showing no signs of slowing down.

His latest signature boots draw inspiration from the Argentinian magician ?s
unparalleled playing style which he has honed to perfection throughout his storied

Boasting a striking orange, black and light blue colourway, the expressive and fluid
design taps into Leo ?s incredible history in three stripes footwear.

It features distinctive graphic elements which will be instantly recognizable to the fans
familiar with some of his most iconic adidas boots from the past, including the f50.6,
the Messi f50 adizero ?Mirosar 10 ?, the Messi15, the f50 adizero Messi 370 or the
Messi16 Spacedust.

The L10NEL M35SI Pack is the latest chapter of a long line of signature products
delivering high performing technology so that football players worldwide can be the
best version of themselves. The X Speedportal boot has a soft, durable coated textile
or synthetic upper that feature at least 50% recycled content as well as a cushioned
midsole that work together for comfortable high-speed play.

Underneath, the boot is built on a chassis to enable optimal changes of direction for
players who value a sense of security in their football footwear, especially when they
make sharp cuts and movements just as Leo Messi does on the pitch.

The L10NEL M35SI Pack is available to purchase online as of today at
https://a.did.as/60013STQB and at selected retailers.