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LaLiga rebrands with new logo


LaLiga, the top professional football league in Spain, has unveiled a new logo and brand identity. The new logo is a bold and modern design that reflects the passion, excitement, and global reach of LaLiga.

The new logo features a coral-red color, which is symbolic of the passion and energy of football. The color is also a nod to the Spanish flag, which is red and yellow. The logo also features a modern “ll” symbol, which is meant to represent the communion between players and fans.

The new brand identity is also more global in scope. The logo is now written in English, as well as Spanish. This reflects the fact that LaLiga is now a global brand, with fans all over the world.

The new logo and brand identity are a significant change for LaLiga.  The earlier logo has been part of the league since 1993, with minor redesigns over the years, the latest taking place in 2016.

The new season will also see EA Sports FC, a gaming platform, hold naming rights, replacing Banco Santander that has been sponsoring the league since the 2016-17 season.

The new logo and brand identity are a sign of LaLiga’s ambition. The league is not content to rest on its laurels. It is constantly looking for ways to grow and improve. The new logo and brand identity are a step in the right direction. They will help LaLiga to reach new fans and grow its global brand.

LaLiga becomes LALIGA, written as a single word in capital letters. A word that represents ‘The Power of our Fútbol’ and highlights the pride of being a league that complies with the rules, is responsible within society and fights to end discrimination. The new brand logo is represented by the initials “LL.” The choice of logo is linked to two key moments on and off the pitch that represent the passion of football: players’ celebrations when they score a goal and kneel to form the letter “L” with the silhouette of their body, and the fans who form an “L” with their arms when celebrating their team’s goals or success.