Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho is furious that he got found out for dissing Samuel Eto’o’s age after an unauthorized video of him captured by France’s Canal Plus ran on Spanish TV. Let’s not forget that after Neymar’s tax scandal, the last thing on the media’s mind in Spain may actually be ‘ethics’. They’re one finger away from phone taps!

Anyway, the video showed him making fun of Eto’o’s age (“I don’t know if he’s 32 or 35”) and the fact that Falcao is playing in front of 3,000 fans at the moment makes him a “player with no team”. Well, the latter was a huge stab at the Ligue 1 outfit, but maybe he was trying to say that Falcao deserves an audience like the ones you find in the Premiership.

“I think you (all) should be embarrassed as media professionals because from an ethical point of view you can’t be happy that a colleague can record a private conversation and make it public. It’s not a happy comment for me, absolutely, but from an ethical point of view it’s a real disgrace.”
“I’m not defending what I said, I’m attacking something I think is fundamental in your area. From my perspective the comment is not a good one, but it’s not something I would do in an official way. First of all because I don’t make fun, second because if there are managers who really defend their players I am obviously one of them, and third because Samuel Eto’o is Samuel Eto’o.” – Jose Mourinho