One of the more candid managers in the Premier League, Harry Redknapp, has controversially spoken out about spoilt young players in England. Well, he’s done it several times and meshed it up with other sports info previously, but this new bit takes the cake!

With new photographs emerging of Jack Wilshere enjoying a “spliff” (cigarette) on his post-tournament holiday and reports of Sunderland’s striker Connor Wickham allegedly splashing 17,500 on a bottle of champagne during his holidays, the QPR boss had clearly had enough.

“Weve had too many the last few years, for whatever reason. I dont know if its the mentality because they get so much so early. I saw a kid the other week buying 17,000-worth of champagne, whats that about? Lets be honest; he wouldnt know an Asti Spumante from a 10,000 bottle of champagne like I wouldnt, its a load of cobblers. From where we have come from, what would we know? – Harry Redknapp

Some scathing statements from Redknapp, undoubtedly! He also admitted that he nearly called it quits last season, but only stayed because QPR had secured promotion back to the Premier League thanks to Bobby Zamora’s goal.

If we hadnt gone up this year I would have turned it in, he admitted. I would have definitely packed up. I wouldnt have gone back and done another year in the Championship, it didnt appeal to me any more.