Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard and his wife, Alex Gerrard, were spotted out on a date night on Saturday night.The WAG, 32, wore a side splitting mini dress with a sheer panel, as the pair rocked up to their friends bar, PRUSSIA, in the city.

The pretty blonde previously revealed that Gerrards healthy lifestyle had been having a positive effect on hers.

She said : I eat pretty healthily most of the time. Obviously Stevens diet is really healthy so that encourages me to eat well.

Maybe if I’m going away I would be extra good the week before and try not to snack in between meals or eat carbs after 6pm.

We mix it up so I don’t get bored and sometimes if I am being really good I may go for a run as well during the week.

The woman who cheated on Kevin de Bruyne with his Belgium teammate, Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, has stepped forward to share her side of the story.

The Belgian pair made headlines in April last year when it was revealed that they were involved in a complex love triangle with the same woman.

Caroline Lijnen, 21, admitted that she had the affair because De Bruyne, who plays for Wolfsburg, had cheated on her with her former best friend.

Speaking to Belgian publication Story Magazine, she said: Kevin (seen above at an event with her) cheated on me. I did not say anything for months because I couldn’t say anything, as Kevin’s parents said they would take legal action if I gave my story. I was under pressure and I could not have contact with Kevin.

I respected everything. But in his book Keep it Simple Kevin wrote a passage about my affair with Thibaut. So, I decided to remain silent no longer, she added.

Lijnen explained that she had met the tall goalkeeper during a visit to Madrid, where he was playing for La Liga side Atletico Madrid on loan from Chelsea. However, she confirmed that she was only intimate with Courtois after De Bruyne admitted that he had cheated on her.

Lijnen alleged that the Chelsea goalkeeper wined and dined her in Madrid and provided her with the engaging company that De Bruyne could not during their three-year relationship.

In the summer of 2012, Kevin told me that he had an affair with my old best friend. I gave him the choice: her or me. I was ready to give him another chance, but our relationship was never the same afterwards, she recalled.

‘[I then went to Madrid, and even] Kevin thought that this trip was a good idea. I asked him beforehand. But then something happened that should never have happened.

That evening, Thibaut offered me what I had not received during a three-year relationship with Kevin. With Thibaut, I could talk about anything and everything and he had even prepared me a delicious meal. Kevin never did it for me.

Kevin had deceived me and I thought: “Why shouldn’t I do that too?”‘ she remarked.

De Bruyne and Courtois, who both featured recently for Belgian in the Euro 2016 qualifiers, were also Chelsea players at the same time but never played together.

The pair are believed to have patched up their differences since the incident, although the Wolfsburg midfielder was said to be ‘devastated’ upon hearing the news.

Speaking to Story Magazine in April last year, press officer Stefan van Loock said: ‘We don’t deny that there have been private problems between Thibaut Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne.

But I’ve talked to both of them and they both confirm this case is closed for them. They have finished the quarrel. The guys talk again to each other and they even make jokes again.

‘It’s true the national manager has talked to both of them about the case. But it never has had any impact on the Belgian national team. It’s a shame this case has gone public.