We were so excited to receive this in our mailbox from Soccerloco early this week. No, it wasn’t a pizza delivery (that would have been a bonus for the Champions League!) but it was much better than that – it was a futbol gift wrapped in a box. Ooh, we couldn’t have asked for more!

So we opened the box right there at the post office and was thrilled to find this …


…an adidas women’s Argentina Home Jersey! And the colours are perfect. Naturally, they did better than Brazil at the last World Cup, although they aren’t fielding a women’s team at next month’s tournament in Canada.

Besides women’s Argentina jerseys, the fabulous folks at Soccerloco also stock a nice variety of national team kits including Brazil and Italy. So if the Argies aren’t to your taste, that’s fine.


Anyway, the jersey – paraded by the likes of Antonella Rocuzzo (Leo Messi’s Super Wag) is stylish as always thanks to Argentinaís strong team color, Sky Blue. Pair it off with white denim cutoffs, jeans and summer sandals and you’re good to go, chicas! Also, if you’re in the mood for electric blue eyeshadow (like Anto at the World Cup above), go for it.

You can experience the same benefits the players of La Albiceleste enjoy when they take the field because adidas incorporated the same technologies as the jerseys worn by players. These features combine to make a durable and easy-to-wear team jersey that any fan would be proud to wear. Get yourself a womenís Argentina 2014/15 home jersey for the season today at soccerloco.