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Jul 3, 3 months ago

Selecao Bootcamp: David Luiz, Luis Gustavo In Candid Mood Ahead Of Quarter-Finals Against Colombia

It’s an important day for Brazil, as they face a ‘Do or Die’ task against an impressive Colombian side in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Fortaleza later today.

Although it has clearly been a stressful time for …

Jun 10, 3 months ago

Selecao Bootcamp : Brazil Team Attends ‘Inspirational’ Talk Ahead Of World Cup Opener

As the Brazilian national team prepares for the World Cup, here are glimpses of their training and recreational days in our traditional Selecao Bootcamp!

Why so serious David Luiz?
PSG’s latest import and the squad’s resident clown posed for …

Mar 6, 7 months ago

Selecao Bootcamp: South African Boy Gets Star Treatment From Brazil’s Self-Declared FIFA 14 Champion Neymar

You can definitely count on the selecao brasileira, when it comes to delivering heartwarming moments.
A young fan in Soweto invaded the pitch after Brazil’s 5-0 win over South Africa last night but instead of tackling him to the …