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Serie A : A World Cup Without Mario Balotelli May Be In Store After Latest TV Backlash



Can you imagine a World Cup without Mario Balotelli? On behalf of South America’s Telenovela fans, we simply can’t!

After Milan’s poor performance which led to their 2-0 loss to AS Roma on Sunday, Balotelli got into a hectic verbal exchange with studio pundits from Italian TV station, Sky Italia.

He said : “When Milan wins Mario is great, when it loses Mario is bad.”

When he was told that he doesn’t move enough on the pitch, Balotelli responded: “You don’t know anything about football. Trust me.”

As a result of this controversial incident and an argument with coach Seedorf on Friday, Balotelli’s place in Cesare Prandelli’s Italian squad has been cast in doubt with newspapers dramatizing the latest incident as the final hole in the coffin. Prandelli has been now said to have drawn up a “Plan B” without Balotelli.

Drama aside, a World Cup without Balotelli is set to be a tragic one indeed!